By itsthedailygrind_740kxu on November 22, 2020 in Breville

DualSense Wireless Controller

Price: $69.96

Color: Silver
Model: 3005715

Brand: PlayStation


  • Haptic feedback** – Feel physically responsive feedback to your in-game actions with dual actuators which replace traditional rumble motors. In your hands, these dynamic vibrations can simulate the feeling of everything from environments to the recoil of different weapons.
  • Adaptive triggers** – Experience varying levels of force and tension as you interact with your in-game gear and environments. From pulling back an increasingly tight bowstring to hitting the brakes on a speeding car, feel physically connected to your on-screen actions.
  • Built-in microphone and headset jack – Chat with friends online*** using the built-in microphone or by connecting a headset to the 3.5mm jack. Easily switch voice capture on and off at a moment’s notice with the dedicated mute button. ***Internet and account for PlayStation Network required.

Collectible from $99.99 (2 offers)
Used from $66.46 (1 offers)
New from $69.96 (76 offers)


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